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Tobia Kebir

Tobia Kebir is about 35min away from our dive centre. The large main reef is surrounded by a sandy plateau, the depth is between 10m and 20m. Here you have the possibility to do several dives. In a small cave at the main reef at about 10m there are many glass fish and hatchet fish.

The panorama of this reef is about 65 minutes away from our dive centre. It rises steeply from a depth of about 400m to the surface. This reef is still considered one of the top dive sites in the Red Sea.

 Here the diver has several possibilities to dive the reef. If the sea is calm, you should dive the north side, where the Red Sea shows its most beautiful side. Drift dives or "one-way" dives are worthwhile, overhangs, crevices and caves await you. The south side offers everything the Red Sea has to offer in terms of flora and fauna.

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