We offer a selection of easy local shore dives, our own housereefs from both dive centres, and speedboat & boat dives to some of Marsa Alam's beautiful offshore reefs. Our diving prices include a professional guide, transfers to dive sites, water, cola & light snack between dives and use of weights & 12 litre aluminium tanks.


Our daily local beach diving schedule consists of 2 dives in the morning, departing from the dive centre at 8am local Egyptian time. Returning to the hotel at lunchtime ensures you can enjoy the all inclusive facilities. In the afternoon you can choose to relax or make another shore dive with us, departing at 2pm from the dive centre. Night dives are also available.


Less crowded than other Red Sea resorts, Marsa Alam is blessed with some truly amazing dive sites, in both the natural bays dived from the beach and some beautiful offshore reefs reached by boat. There is truly something for everyone here - marine life big & small, pristine ancient hard coral reefs, colourful soft corals, caverns & swim-throughs and small wrecks. Whether you enjoy a relaxed shallow shore dive or a high-adrenaline deep drift dive, Marsa Alam has a dive site for you.
With a variety of 'Marsas' (natural bays) reached within short distances from both dive centres, these sites are perfect for everyone. Especially enjoyed by underwater photographers and beginners, the shore dives we make couldn't be easier. Sandy beaches allow an easy entry into gently sloping bays. With virtually no currents or waves to worry about, dives can be enjoyed at a slow pace and a huge variety of marine life can be observed. Some bays have seagrass beds, a natural habitat for Green Sea Turtles and the elusive Dugong. Even if you have dived these sites many times, you will always be surprised by what you can see.


Although Marsa Alam has, in general, much less offshore reefs than other parts of the Egyptian Red Sea, the ones we do have offer some world-class diving.

With Elphinstone Reef being one of the top-10 rated dive sites in Egypt on our doorstep, a chance to dive with Sharks & Manta Rays is possible.  Beautiful steep walls are covered in a variety of pristine hard and soft corals, Gorgonian Sea Fans and rare Black coral.  Plateaus at either end of the wall offer a chance to spot Hammerhead Sharks in the deeper water.  This is diving for experienced divers due to the depth & fast currents found here.

 Dolphin House (Sha'ab Samadai) is also a famous reef in the area - the only protected Marine Park in Marsa Alam - and offers some truly fantastic diving and of course the chance to snorkel with dolphins. Beautiful coral pinnacles & caverns are some of the highlights of the dive, with deep drop-offs and shallow sandy plateaus allowing for all experience of diver to enjoy.

Sha'ab Marsa Alam lies close enough to Marsa Alam marina to be reached in just 15 minutes, and is also perfect for all experience levels. A shallow wooden wreck and small caverns offer some very scenic dives, with beautiful hard coral gardens reached by a short zodiac trip.