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BLUE SUBMARINE EGYPT dive centre is the PADI Instructor Development Centre based in the Kahramana resort complex, comprised of the Kahramana and the Calimera Habiba Resorts, two marvelous resorts of Balbaa Group, located halfway between Marsa Alam international airport and the city of Marsa Alam.

Scuba diving and nature are our passion, but we also know guests come for a relaxing holiday.  With this in mind we take pride in the flexibility of the services we offer, ensuring guests enjoy the beautiful Red Sea environment in a totally stress-free manner.


A warm sea populated by a myriad of more than 3500 species.  Corals & beautiful reef fish of every colour imaginable.  Once you’ve seen under the water, you will be hooked!
The dives around the Marsa Alam area take you back to the Egypt of 20 years ago – unspoilt sandy beaches with stunning dives just a few metres walk away.
In the marsas (small sheltered bays), you can dive pretty much any time, even when the tide could prevent a boat from mooring up.  Scuba divers of all ages & abilities will appreciate the simplicity of going in and out of the water assisted by our staff.
The reefs start in as little as 1 metre depth, where the amount of small reef fish is stunning.  Although you may not be lucky enough to spot the larger pelagic fish species, the variety of smaller reef inhabitants will astound you.  If you’re a photographer then you will be in heaven!  As the bay gets naturally deeper you can then start to see the quality of the hard coral formations & the species they attract.  Look out for Blue Spotted Stingrays, Moray Eels, Turtles, Octopus, Scorpionfish, and perhaps even a Whitetip Reef Shark cruising past.
Our dive centre is 10 minutes drive from the famous Marsa Abu Dabab, a sea grass-filled bay where we can see the huge resident green turtles, Guitar Rays & huge Leopard-Spot Stingrays.  Other highlights include:  Marsa Egla & Marsa Assalaiya, two more sea grass bays where beautiful Seahorses hide & very often a resident Dugong visits to feed on the grass.  An experience you may never have again!

We also offer a variety of excursions to reefs that are off-shore using hard boats or RIBs.  Sha’ab Marsa Alam & the world famous Elphinstone Reef are a short boat ride away.  Full day boat trips depart from Marsa Alam marina, just 20 minutes drive away.  If you like adventure & the chance to dive with the big stuff then Elphinstone Reef is waiting for you!

Sha’ab Samadai (commonly known as Dolphin House) is another popular excursion we organize, a chance to snorkel with the resident Spinner Dolphin pod, but also appreciate the colours of the Marine Park reef itself.

All of this ensures your holiday will be one of the most memorable you have.

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